Frequently Asked Questions

Help I am stuck!
Don't worry! 99% of problems are solved by saving & reloading into your game. 
You can also try going Settings -> Restart Area which will spawn you into a new thing in the same area.

Why do the animals move this way?
Because they do.

I am hearing loud noises and seeing crazy images

The game will automatically optimize itself if it is pushed to very low frame rates. It does this by creating Disasters which can be switched off under Settings. If you are seeing these very frequently, you may be playing the game below minimum spec and require a faster machine. 

How do I stop Narration?
Go Settings -> Thoughts and switch off. 

How do I pause Narration?
Open the Mind (touchpad/[m] key), ensure the audio is in the middle & highlighted, and press confirm to pause.
You can also go Pause -> Things -> Audio and pause from there.

Are the talks public domain?
No - they appear under special license from the Alan Watts Project - a venture by Mark Watts - who himself recorded many of the talks. The Alan Watts project was created to provide audio for artists to use in creative projects.

Where can I find more Alan Watts?
Many of Alan's talks are available for purchase here - and funds go towards completing the massive archive of his work.

Any tips?
Check out the Help section of the Pause menu, the last card there has some good tips. The game also has a lot of secret controls which you can discover through play.

Are there other games like this?
Try out Mountain.

I have a question that isn't here
Please visit the Everything discussion forum!