The Everything Library is a collection of free 3d assets from the award winning game Everything. It is designed to help artists learning 3d, independent animators, designers and game creators.


Everything Library - Animals.

More collections will be released in the coming weeks & months.
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The Everything Library is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. So - you can do whatever you want non-commercially, just give credit.

You can donate on any of the collections if you want to - it helps support this thing.

If you want to use them for commercial use - contact me.

How to give credit?
If making something bigger, like a film or game or print, add "Assets from Everything Library" in the credits.

If posting on social media - you don't need to give credit, but you can tag me (@davidoreilly) if you want as I like retweeting things. You can also put #EverythingLibrary in there if you have room. That's it. 

Materials can not be repackaged or resold as assets ! These models will never be sold on shitty model websites. 


Look at the bottom of this page for technical notes on using the models.


How is this possible?
Everything (minus audio) is entirely owned by an individual and not a publisher or giant corporation. The rules around it's copyright are different to other games. 

Developing the game involved creating a massive library of lightweight 3d objects of a huge variety of things. The models are extremely versatile and recyclable, and can be easily used in other games, animations, designs, visualizations and holograms... some day. 

Who made them?
The models & shaders were designed, modeled and organized by David OReilly [me], and stem from many projects I have done over the years which I own. Additional modeling was done by Anne Yang. 

Why is this free?
Creating 3d assets to work with is a hurdle for many artists, and 3d models are way too expensive and practically useless for game use. Many of the models available are terrible. 

3d art has historically been commercially driven, and has been comparatively too expensive and technical for visual artists to use. Until now there has been no large, cohesive and usable 3d library. I would like this library to help more people get into 3d and have a better place to start from.

Some facts

  • The collection cost around $250,000 to make
  • Every emoji is represented in the collection
  • Most models are under 1000 polygons


Models are provided in these formats: COLLADA (.dae), UNITY (.unitypackage) & FBX (.fbx).

Other formats may be available in the future.

Texture maps are rarely used - each object is colored using Vertex Colors.

The files and folders use a naming convention which was used during production. 

Models are divided into different files to keep download sizes small. 

The models are not categorized the same way they are in the game.

Everything is out now for PC, Mac & Linux via / Steam - and for PS4