Everything* is owned by an artist (me) and not a giant company or publisher. The rules around it's copyright and future use are very different to other games. 

I will be releasing all 3d assets from the project to creators everywhere.

If the game passes 100k in sales within the first year, I will release all 3d assets from it for free - for use in any and all independent projects.

If it does not meet this goal, I'll sell them for a low price.

Everything features an enormous library of lightweight, hand crafted 3d objects of thousands of things. These models are incredibly useful if you are starting out in 3d. They can be used as final versions, to help visualize, without needing to start from scratch or spend half your budget. Shaders will be included.


3d still represents a technical and commercial difficulty for many independent artists and smaller studios, and I would like to help more people get into it and have a good place to start from. I have already released 65+ character rigs for free, which had a great positive impact on the community, and I would like to continue to share my work like this as long as it's useful. 

Footage you create in Everything is yours.

Video created from Everything (minus music & narration) can be used for free under a Creative Commons license. Footage of the game can be used in your own projects, videos, streams or anything else, it's yours. Please just encourage people buy the game and link here.

Footage of the game (without music) is also free to be used - without limitation - in short & feature films, television, or as an installation in your home or business.

*minus Music & Alan Watts recordings, which I don't own.