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Discover what it's like to be Everything
Everything is an interactive experience in which everything you see is a thing you can be, from atoms to animals, from plants to planets to galaxies and beyond. Travel between inner space and outer space, and explore a vast, interconnected universe of things without enforced goals, scores, or tasks to complete. Everything is a procedural simulation of the systems of nature, seen from the points of view of everything in the universe. 

Learn to change what you are to create worlds within worlds within worlds, or let go any time to allow Everything to take over and produce a never ending documentary about the world you live in. 

Narrated by the inspiring philosophy of Alan Watts, and featuring a rich score from composer Ben Lukas Boysen, Everything will give you a new perspective on everything.

Release Date
TBA - Q1 2017

PS4, PS4 Pro, PC & Mac (Steam)



David OReilly & Double Fine Presents

AI Game, Simulation, Narrative Sandbox, Open-Universe Exploration, Ambient Game

David OReilly - Creator
Damien Di Fede - Programming
Eduardo Ortiz Frau - Sound
Ben Lukas Boysen - Music
Anne Yang - 3d Design
Elle Michalka & 30000fps - Concept Design




Screenshots (download 40mb)

Announcement Trailer (download 1.2gb)

*Title still in development, media not representative of final quality.

Logo (download png)


Development history

Everything has been in development for 2.5 years with a core team of 2 people, David OReilly and Damien Di Fede. They created Mountain, which was released in 2014 on Steam & iOS.

Mountain discovered a new audience of non gamers and gamers alike. It has found itself used as a relaxation tool, musical instrument, meditation aid, sound generator and installation. Everything is a much broader expansion of the ideas & approach behind Mountain.

Everything is independently funded, and has received support from the Wellcome Trust - a UK based biomedical research charity, and Sony's Pub Fund initiative. 

David OReilly (b. Ireland, 1985) is a filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. Creator of the influential short films ‘Please Say Something’ and ‘The External World’, his animation work has won numerous awards and been the subject of several international retrospectives. He has lectured at Pixar, Harvard, Yale, USC, CalArts and at many other conferences and festivals around the world. He has written for Adventure Time & South Park, and created fictional video games in Spike Jonze’s Academy Award winning film 'Her'.