Everything presents a philosophy in several forms - through its mechanics, narration, text and audio content, structure and design and how all these elements interact. 

The philosophy of Everything is both serious and funny, silly and sincere, rational and absurd. It contradicts and criticizes itself. It doesn't follow any existing school or canon and isn't advocating for any particular way of thinking. Everything’s philosophy is designed to be experienced in all of its parts, and above all to be playful, entertaining and helpful. 

Everything contains narration in the form of recordings of the late great British philosopher Alan Watts. Watts was a prolific writer, speaker, interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy in the West. These talks encompass many ideas about perception, life, nature, physics, biology and how our brains interpret the world. These recordings are an optional part of the game, and are now available separately here.

Many written thoughts in the game are taken from continental philosophers such as Schopenhauer to the Italian stoics like Marcus Aurelius & Seneca - to the American thinker & poet Emerson. There are hundreds of these thoughts embedded into the game, rewritten and edited for length, and integrated into the game's thought system.

Everything seeks to revive many old and even ancient ideas, liberate them from their texts and introduce them to new brains. 

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Alan Watts (1915 - 1973)

Alan Watts (1915 - 1973)

Everything is out now for PC, Mac & Linux via itch.ioSteamGOG & Humble - and for PS4