A universe of things

Things are the basic unit of Everything, and the entirety of the game is designed to be playable. Levels can be characters and vice versa. The game's universe is designed to let you travel freely in any direction, and intuitively find things when and where you'd expect them to be. Continued exploration will lead you to unseen environments, containing new sights, sounds, things, thoughts and abilities. 

A Nature simulation

Everything is a simulation of reality as a phenomenon of interdependent systems. There are thousands of things that perceive, think and interact differently while being driven by the same underlying rules. All things are aware of themselves, each other and their environment, and simulate with or without player interaction. 



Create your universe

Everything features a unique persistent universe that can be both explored and used as a creative canvas. The game is fundamentally changed by player input, meaning you can create and design levels as you are inside them. Each part of the world allows complete freedom to create images, worlds, scenes and experiences using things instead of pixels or polygons. 



Everything is a systems-based approach to game design, you can't win or lose in it. It presents a philosophy about life that can be experienced and enjoyed.